Triarii Training 2024

6. bis 9.6. 2024
Course option A: 6. & 7. 6. 2024
Course option B: 8. & 9. 6. 2024
Course option A&B: 6. – 9. 6. 2024

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Unique training opportunity with Triarii Group U.S.A. in collaboration with ESA Austria


Triarii Training #3 

2-Day or 4-Day Training

Join us for a unique course that includes shooting fundamentals, vehicle tactics, small unit tactics, night vision shooting, team bounding/overwatch, combat shooting/marksmanship, fitness and positional shooting. Advanced tactics and cognitive thinking drills for experienced shooters.

Date: 6. – 9.06. 2024 – 2 days (6th & 7th or 8th & 9th of June) or 4 days (6th-9th of June) option available
Location: Slovakia – RDA Raid and Defense Academy
Trainer: Triarii Group Instructors & ESA Instructors
Weapons: rifle and pistol


2024 Course topics


  • rifle and pistol fundamentals, shooting positions, moving while shooting, shooting off-hand and from cover, reloads, malfunctions, zeroing optics, gear placement, and setup
  • There is a heavy emphasis on speed and accuracy. We will be testing and timing students to show improvement.
  • Field movement – team bounding and team movement, communication
  • Fitness and shooting – we will be running drills that will show you the importance of physical fitness. Being able to control your heart rate while moving and shooting.
  • Mid-range rifle engagement – distances up to 500m
  • Low light operations (with weapon-mounted lights as well as with NVGs)
    Night time equipment set up, laser zero, gear, passive and active aiming, reading lighting conditions, near-peer threats with nods, white light use. Holosun will be providing laser and Lunox will be providing Night vision for students to use on both nights.
  • Working with vehicles, working with barricades

Course option A –  Thursday  & Friday, 6th & 7th of June 2024
Open for ESA students with Carbine Level 2 training after confirmation with our instructors (by email)
Thursday evening: LowLight/ NoLight shooting
Friday: course ends at 4 pm
Book here if you have already attended a Triarii Training
Email us if you have not attended a Triarri Training yet

Course option B – Saturday and Sunday, 8th & 9th of June 2024
Open ONLY for students who have attended Course A or previous Triarii trainings
Saturday evening: LowLight/ NoLight shooting
Sunday: course ends at 4 pm
Book here 

Course option A and B – Thursday – Sunday, 6th – 9th of June
On Friday afternoon you will have the possibility to keep using the range till evening.
Book here 


Triarii Gear and Training

„Triarii Group is a veteran and Leo-owned company dedicated to ensuring everybody has access to the highest quality gear available. We strive to provide the best service and training to help you better protect yourself and your family. “
~ Triarii Group

The instructors look back on years, respectively decades of experience – some of which they will share with us this summer. We are honored to present this rare opportunity to our students!

The course will be held in English. The ESA Austria instructors are available for questions in German.

We are delighted to offer our ESA course participants a one-of-a-kind training opportunity! Our friends and colleagues from Triarii Group, USA, will conduct a course in Europe, offering selected participants the chance to get a taste of their special training.A packing list (ammo amount, gear, etc) will be sent to all participating students.


Course Details

Price: 690 Euros (2 days) 1152 Euros (4 days)
(excluding room and board!)

Location: Raid and Defense Academy Slovakia
A tactical training facility with an extensive shooting range, conference rooms, accommodation, and full board.
More Info about RDA Range.

Accommodation: RDA range (double rooms only) or nearby hotels.
Lunch & dinner: 20 Euros per day, delivered to the range.
Accommodation and meals are paid on-site!

Course Dates:
We start on Thursday, June 6th at 9 am (arrival until 8 am, or preferably the night before)
The course ends on Sunday, June 9th in the afternoon
If you join on Saturday, the course starts at 9 am, arrival until 8 am, or the night before.

Rifle and pistol, weapon mounted lights, plate carrier or chestrig (a battlebelt is not enough), a helmet IF you want to use NVGs

Rental guns: 
150 Euro for 2 days
250 Euro for 4 days

Course Booking:
Please send us an EMAIL if you want to participate in this course. Booking the course requires successful participation in our carbine courses and prior approval by our head instructor.

Video from our last training: Here 

You can find an overview of all our courses here.