Kägwerks Training

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Kägwerks Training


Date: 12. – 13.11. 2022
Location: Slovakia – RDA Raid and Defense Academy
Trainer: Kägwerks Instructors

Join us for a unique Rifle Infantry Operator and Small Unit Tactics course!
The training is conducted by Kägwerks instructors & ESA Austria
Weapons: rifle and pistol

Cours topics include:
– Low light operations (with weapon-mounted lights as well as with NVGs)
– Working with Vehicles
– Working with barricades
– distances from 0 bis 500 m

We are delighted to offer our ESA course participants a one-of-a-kind training opportunity! Our friends and colleagues from Kägwerks, USA, will conduct a course in Europe for the very first time, offering selected participants the chance to get a taste of their special training.


Kägwerks Gear and Training

KÄGWERKS is a purpose-built approach to firearms training developed around the brain’s processes. Knowledge, attention, memory, judgment, evaluation, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, and comprehension are where improvement begins. This system aims at enabling the student to manipulate a weapon with optimal efficiency, accuracy, and discretion. The goals are proactive vs. reactive gun fighting and accurate combat decision-making. The instructors look back on years, respectively decades of experience – some of which they will share with us this November. We are honored to present this rare opportunity to our students!

The course will be held in English.

We will work with and around vehicles (shooting from a car), barricades, and in low light / no light conditions. A packing list (ammo amount, gear, etc) will be sent to all participating students.

Kägwerks produces high-quality tactical gear. The veteran-owned company looks back on decades of operational, design, and engineering experience. They develop solutions that increase survivability and lethality on the battlefield. If you want to order some of their products please let us know, so they can be delivered to the course.

Course Details

Price: 600 Euros
(excluding room and board)

Location: Raid and Defense Academy Slovakia
A tactical training facility with an extensive shooting range, conference rooms, accommodation, and full board.
Rooms are 25 Euros per night per person in a double room
(all rooms are double rooms – single rooms are available in a nearby hotel)
Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is 23 Euros per day

Course Dates:
We start on Saturday, November 12th at 9 am (arrival until 8 am, or preferably the night before)
The course ends on Sunday, November 13th in the afternoon

Weapon mounted lights, plate carrier or chestrig (a battlebelt is not enough), a helmet IF you want to use NVGs

Course Booking:
Please send us an EMAIL if you want to participate in this course. Booking the course requires prior approval by our head instructor.

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